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Path of Purity Advanced CBD Tablet – 60 Day Supply


  • 3000mg (60 tablets @ 50mg each)
  • Normal recommended dosage is one tablet/day


Path of Purity (PoP) is made from 100% Organic Full-Spectrum Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) CBD Hemp oil, that is sourced from specially-bred, premium cultivars blended for superior entourage effect – and extracted using subzero winterization and molecular distillation. PoP is delivered in a measured and metered 50mg dose tablet for consistency, discreet use and best value (no waste). Each tablet is engineered with an ONLY-of-its-kind dual-tier-release-delivery system for optimal bioavailability and absorption. PoP has less-than-point-three percent (<.3%) THC so is non-psychoactive. EVERY Path of Purity ingredient contributes therapeutic or absorption value – including a unique mix of perfectly-balanced Omega 3, 6, 9 to help reverse dietary and other imbalances that contribute to inflammation. PoP is pesticide, heavy metal, gluten, sugar and dairy-FREE as well as Vegan. Here is Path of Purity’s Certificate of Analysis, January 2022 and Path of Purity’s Bioavailability and Blood in the Serum Report 12 Subjects October, 2020. We thank for you choosing to make Path of Purity part of your health, wellness and life performance regimen.